Business Directory Management

Building and Managing your Brand with Back2Basics' R2 Solutions

It's Important you Show Up Online!

It's even more important you Show Up Accurately and Show Up Consistently from resource to resource - no matter whether you do or do not actively participate in the conversations of a particular platform, search engine, or website.

So, where does your business exist online?

Use Back2Basics' brand integrity management tools help small business brands see where and how their business most likely shows up in some of the top business registry sites online today or how they compare to other like businesses in the area in regards to accuracy and completeness of brand details. Request your free report then contact Back2Basics about our Custom R2 Solutions to help you get your business brand integrity back on track and stronger in local search results.

We can help you fix, monitor and manage your brand's online presence and strengthen reach & integrity!

Check out the benefits of Back2Basic's R2 & Business Registry Solution options!

  • Automtic Rich Snippet Listings*
  • Listing Duplication Suppression*
  • One-Click Listing Updates*
  • 1st Party Review Capture*
  • Listing Manipulation Protection*
  • Key Listing Verification*
  • One-Solution Profile Enhancement*
  • Web & Social Media Integration*
  • 3rd Party Review Solution

Our Back2Basics team has been trained and certified on top industry business indexing software.

So, what's the benefit of working with Back2Basics versus directly with a service like YEXT or Synup?

Back2Basics, LLC brand managers understand the technology platforms and benefits and can help you navigate these for you, set up your account properly on their software, and be your direct advocate for questions and concerns. But, we take it a step further!  Here are our TOP three (3) reasons to consider working with Back2Basics to help manage your brand image online.

(1) Leverage our Support Team to help you with your profile updates as well as create and deploy weekly or monthly communication publication strategies on Google MyBusiness®, Facebook®, Yelp®, and more. Yext and Synup will provide you training resources for their systems and give you access to their help desk, but YOU are performing all of the scans, updates, website integration, reporting, activity monitoring, and content scheduling yourself. And, it's up to you to take the time to learn the functions and moving parts of the systems, update, manage, and monitor these system communications and reporting.

Don’t spend your valuable extra time learning a 3rd party technology rather than working directly on your business.

(2) Yext requires an annual subscription to be paid in full; upfront. Back2Basics can provide flexible monthly payment scheduling options over the course of an annual service subscription agreement to help ease your operational or marketing budgets.

(3) Back2Basics is a FULL-SERVICE solution. We manage your account from head-to-toe for you; while keeping your individual goals in mind, collaborating on content creation strategies, and providing a monthly review and strategy update. With Back2Basics, you don't have to feel like you don't have a lifeline. You're not alone and we won't make you feel as though you are. We'll be accessible by messaging, email, and scheduled phone consults.

We have solutions starting as low as $125/mo. So, what do you have to lose?

  • $125/mo for Basic Business Registry Solutions & Monitoring (Standard)*
  • $225/mo for Registry Building and Client Review Management (R2 Plus)*
  • $365/mo for Full-Service Solutions including Registry Building, Monitoring, Review Management & Simple Content Distribution (R2 Complete)*

Call for more information or to get signed up today! 763-951-3913

*Options and Rates subject to change at any time. Setup fee of $75 for Standard Package and $100 for R2 Plus & R2 Complete Solutions.