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Back2Basics, LLC is a Twin Cities-based boutique brand management agency offering custom solutions & business services designed for the true small business owner, entrepreneur, or small non-profit organization or chapter.

Our client-advocacy & education-first consulting approach is forged from years of experience helping area small business owners with their digital marketing goals. We work with some of the best industry experts, resources, and technology designed to enable and empower small business owners with the ability to accomplish every goal from tackling that SEO project to optimizing mobile-friendly websites to managing social media outreach or providing website maintenance.  Our core mission is to help small business brands build brand integrity and trust - establishing a stronger foundation for outreach and eventually the capture and conversion of the right consumer.

It all starts with the basics — your brand image and the ability to convey your value through story sharing and education so your potential client is confident about their decision to work with you.  It's a hands-on, approachable, and collaborative process between the collective team assembled for you at Back2Basics and you or your already established team. Combining our experience and expertise with the resources and necessary tools needed, we help you better define your goals, establish expectations, and slay the tasks involved in achieving your goals.

We believe a more educated and involved client is one who is empowered to make better strategic decisions on behalf of their brand.

Accolades and Accredidations

Back2Basics 2022 Local Excellence Award from UpcityBack2Basics Top Digital Agency 2022 - Upcity Back2Basics Top Content Agency 2022 - Upcity

Back2Basics was just named as a 2022 Top Brand Management Agency for local Small Businesses in the Twin Cities region by UpCity for digital solutions and content strategies. We also earned the 2021 Award for Best SEO Solution in Minneapolis for the 2nd year in a row with Expertise.com!

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We want to thank everyone who recommended us for these recognitions or voted for and supported us along th way. We are honored and humbled that you have entrusted us to help with your brand's goals and look its best along that journey.

We realize that some of these awards and recognitions may mean nothing to you, so we invite you to hear directly from a few of our clients - in their own words - about their experience working with us.


Located in the northwest metro area of Minneapolis, Back2Basics (B2B) is a Woman-Owned marketing agency opened in the fall of 2015 by its current president, Tanya Troska, after splitting off from a successful 5-year launch of a California positioned marketing agency.

That California marketing agency began its journey as a pioneer in blog design and social media management solutions with a hands-on approach catering to independent contractors in the real estate industry. It quickly expanded to a more systematic approach of service and solutions with expanded service contracts to some of the largest insurance companies across the nation which included more SEO services, customized web designs, and deeper social management.

The journey was a tough lesson in AN overnight expansion. The term 'growing pains' was an understatement as the small group tried to keep up with changing technology and consumer demands more fitting of a larger digital marketing agency. A fundamental disagreement in management, solutions, and services catering to a larger business model caused a break in executive leadership. As a result, then CIO, Tanya Troska made a move to open Back2Basics in her home state of Minnesota with a renewed focus on the true small business owner and small non-profit marketing managers while the previous agency went on to pursue larger business goals under new ownership.

With over 20 years of collective marketing strategy experience across multiple industry types, Tanya understood the true small business owner was often left confused, uninformed, and ill-equipped to compete against larger like-minded businesses in their local communities.

The team at Back2Basics routinely found small businesses missing key placement online and low visibility - some lost control of their online assets to various marketing agencies or service providers, and others were putting their brand integrity in jeopardy and struggling to compete against other well-established brands. They were often paying for services they didn't understand or need, and creating situations and assets for their business that they could no longer access or control.

It was too easy for a small business owner to find themself spending more than they needed to be.  And, more often than not, these owners found themselves missing key components of their marketing strategies because of bloated, overloaded, or structured and expensive larger marketing agency solutions. In either case, they were short on resources and less competitive, yet more frustrated at the end of the day.

Back2Basics wanted to level the playing field a bit more. This required us to help pull back the reins and trim things back to the basics. We needed a more hands-on service approach, and we needed to provide basic education about digital marketing, asset solution options, brand development, brand outreach, and brand management.

We believed the more we could help educate business owners the more we can help them become stronger marketing partners by empowering them to make better strategic decisions about their brand's marketing goals.

At the heart of it all...

Back2Basics, LLC is a Digital Marketing Agency providing dedicated consulting and customized service solutions designed to help business owners bring all the pieces together.

Meet the Back2Basics Team

Our Core Value... to help you take your business brand "Back to the Basics" and put you and your goals back on track with our personalized approach.

Back2Basics (B2B) is not your traditional digital marketing agency. B2B works as an extension of your existing team; no matter the size or expertise of that team. We get to know our clients and their individualized goals then work with them to develop sound strategies that meet their expectations and budgets. It's a plan for success.

We consult with vetted business leaders and trusted industry experts to help provide a sound plan of action. Armed with added insight and our best recommendations, you and your team will be more empowered to make better strategic decisions for your business going forward.

Our goal is not to be experts at everything, but rather, work with experts as needed in a program designed to help you achieve more for less.


Because we serve - with heart.

Ever feel like there's just not enough time to accomplish your goals? Don't know where to start? Having trouble making a strong connection with another service provider because of strict package options that either doesn't meet your needs or just offer more than you can manage right now? How about that industry jargon that leaves you scratching your head?

We use a clean client-centric process and devise service programs tailored to your individual business needs and goals. This ensures a true collaboration in your goal strategies. We don't want to just be a vendor you hire for help, we want to be an extension of your team. Our mission is to help you fill in the gaps between your existing teams, or even become that bridge where a lack of teams or systems may currently exist. This enables you to better manage the workload of your current business model.

It's a simple mission, but we feel we succeed when we enable you to succeed!

Our Mission is Simple...

Fulfill the needs of our clients by helping them fill in their current strategy & tasking gaps so they can complete their short-term or long-term goals and projects in the most proficient way possible, and do this all while exceeding expectations.

Your goals + our process and management...

Your vision + our efforts and guidance...

Your business + our team...

Now, that's the power of 2!